Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Need YOU!

We have officially begun our search for baby #2.
As we have read, been told, and most importantly, experienced, when it comes to our method of family expansion(adoption, for those of you who weren't aware) it really does come down to
Therefore, we enlist anyone who does us the great honor of reading this blog into our
networking for babies campaign!

We have learned that privacy and modesty will not help us out here, so you have our permission

(actually we are begging you)
to tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know about this:

We are hoping to appeal to a birth-mother who is considering an adoption placement for her child, and particularly, a healthy African-American child (like Mia ).

Monday, January 17, 2011


Mia is now 19 months, and as silly as they come! She is a constant source of entertainment.
Grandma K got Mia these "Melmo" house slippers. She is quite proud of them. He is her favorite monster. We often catch her humming "la, la, la, la Elmo's Song."
Every time Mia gets ready for bed is an opportunity to sport a new "hat."
Hat + deftly navigating the "hello"- what more can girl need?
Another type of hat
This is Mia's favorite "silly" face
When she tilts her head, she is winding-up for more silliness...
This look must be contagious!
We get to be graced with my sister's piano practicing much of the day
& Mia makes the most of it:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ice and Little Skates

Two facts about the Ice Palace:
1. It hosted my 9th birthday party
2. It rents skates in a whole assortment of sizes, including baby size 5

This subjects in this photo are moving at a high velocity, and Mia couldn't be more "chill."
After 2.5 hours, she was still going strong & she cried when it was time to leave.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Season, Part Two

The holidays are more than over, and we are just now getting them documented. This has been a hectic time with lots of changes for our family: relocating and all that goes with it, a new teaching job for Mom, continued schooling, etc., etc., etc. Our Christmas celebrations seemed to be hurried and we lost some of the excitement in the stress of "survival." It did allow me to continually ask myself "What do I really need to get out of Christmas?," and thus rid most holiday commercialism from our worries.

Just before Christmas, we made an attempt at a matchy extended-family photo shoot. As usual, Mia would scoff at all our efforts to get a smile...until we give up and put the camera away. THEN she won't stop smiling! Here is the closest thing we got.
As we all are, Mia is quick to squeeze her squishy baby cousin, Sydney.
On Christmas Eve', Mia (and her assistant, "T") spent a long time consulting
Aunt Mary on the importance of hair care.
She also demonstrated to Aunt Brittney the right way to "Wellie."
Christmas morning in our temporary basement bedroom:
Mia received such sweet gifts from grandparents, aunts, and friends.
Here are some of her spoils. Beautiful doll and books from our literature promoting Great Gma...
(All the "exciting" wooden puzzles are from Santa...)
A cute hat and "pack-pack" from Aunt Jasmine...
A "fort" from Gma/Gpa R...
An art easel from Gma K...
A trip to the indoor water park from Great Gma/Gpa Heinz...
This baby has no shortage of attention!

Here is our post-Christmas Sunday morning.
I love this photo because it demonstrates what happens whenever I try to snuggle Mia.
She gets silly, and I get hair in the eye.
Happy New Year!