Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Isms of 2015

Mia (who is quickly out-growing her funny -isms stage)
Mom made a reference to Silver Mt. Water park (Mia had been there once when she was 4) and she shortly after said, “They have the purple canoes there!  The boxes!”  (Gondolas)

When mom read something and said "what does that even mean?" Mia responds, "you are like a little girl because you need help with a word."

"The movie I watched 'yesternight' is in my head.”

“I just really like this song!... ‘Touch Me Like You Do.”

Elder Uchtdorf said "hated" in women's conference...Mia gasps and says, "but mom! Doesn't he go to church?!"

"Mary Poppins Go Round" = Merry Go Round

June burps and says, "excuse me."
Mom says, "You're excused!"
June replies, "I'm not 'scused! I'm Junie!”

Mom: You are kind of being a stinker.
June: No, I’m just fighting.

Referencing the graphics I ice skates on her jammies: "these is bootskatings"

June likes to call herself "Dr. Brown Bear."

June just brought me a wad of crumpled toilet paper and said, "mom, this is my husband's hair. Don't laugh."

In an effort to get a taste of the children's Advil, "mommy, I have a favor!"

"Daddy, I was being silly! Will you laugh now?"

Clock-o-let = chocolate 

June’s song of the morning was to the tune of Angels We Have Heard on High...  Lyrics: I want my money back, I want my money back, I want my money back today.  I am very angry.  Mia took it all away, took it all away…etc.

We realized around the time she turned 3, that she can’t quite pronounce the number (“thlee”) and prefers to hold up her fingers instead.

"Watson is sitting criss-cross applesauce."

Whenever mom is being stern, June will ask in a therapeutic voice, "Are you feeling frustrated?"

Pointing to a microwave at the store: "look, mommy! A cook-fooder! We have those in my kitchen set!"

Mia: popcorn gets so hot that it pops like a balloon.
June: yeah, and baby brother! ( mom is 39 weeks pregnant)

Trying to console mom during c-section recovery: "it's okay. When I was having a baby it hurt and I cried lots of times."

"When I get big I'm going to have a little bass and hold it on my neck like this." (Violin)

Pointing to Dad’s bushy eyebrows…”I like your beard."

-June, why do your nails grow so quickly?
-Because I eat pizza.

Out of the blue…”Spiders can’t snuggle you. But parrots like to snuggle you.”

After blowing a 'wish' (dandelion)..."I wish I could get my own rocket and take mommy into space. and dad and Mia too.”

pointing to Olaf (from Frozen)..”He can’t talk really well because he has one tooth.  We have two tooths.”

Slort-sleeve slirt = short-sleeved shirt

June: A scarecrow!
Mom: That's called a magpie.
June: I just see a magnifier!

 "I came out of Su's tummy, but I'm your Africa bear. Right?"

June to herself, "Umm, speaking of which..."

Pointing to the penguin on her PJs, "this is a pine cone."

Referring to a hang nail- "I need to pull this nipple off."

"I want to watch Hello Peter (Harry Potter)."

June just gave me a description of her imaginary friend, Lolo. He is 3 ("like me"), has a 5 year old sister named Mia, and "he's brownish with one tooth."

J: "Oh! There's a mird!"
Mom: "A mird?"
J: "That's what some people call birds."

"My mom is cooking dinner in my room"
"That's funny because I'm right here feeding Edmond."
"No, my real mom. You and daddy died, so I got a new mom and dad" (then smiled sweetly).

"Mom, I want to be a dolphin at Halloween so I can scare everyone!"

-June I just love your hair.
-You can't have it because it's stuck to myself!

Grandma Heinz is old, so she doesn't have anymore warm body (Grandma was wearing a coat during a picnic we went on with her).

Singing an extensive ballad about her "love who died in the war and she was so sad." I asked her what she was singing..."it's about my 'pwince' who died in the Selfish War. Yeah, that's the one."

"I love my old grandma."
"Which one?"
"You don't know her. She lives by Texas' house."
"Texas is my friend. You don't know him either."

"Mom, watch me take off my shirt. It's going to be AMAZING...woohoo!"

Noticing that the moon is still out in the morning…
Mom: “Go to bed, moon, or you are going to be in trouble!”
June: “But mom, you don’t know how to fly.”
Mom: I’ll just go in a spaceship.
June: But the spaceship is in India.

Mom: is your nose stuffy?
June: No, the boogers are still moving.

Mom: time to get into bed.
June: (holding up a pink block) okay, but in going to bring my imagination with me.

Mom: Don't do that so close to the fire. You could fall on it.
June: Nonsense.

Mom: June, will you put the stool back where it goes? 
June: But, uh!  I’m a grandpa!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Isms of 2014


"I need prisatsies." (privacy)

Mia & June lying on tummies in the tub and playing with the drain:
-"What are you doing girls?"
-"We are trying to save the water!!!"

"It's just repend (pretend) Mommy!"

"Jesus puzzles?! I love Jesus puzzles! I've never done Jesus puzzles in my whole wide life!"

Dad said "Pull up your pants-  I can see some bum crack" (gross word, I know).
Mia replies, "What?! My bum is cracking?"

"There's the kingdom who had a dream!" -Mia, upon seeing Google's MLK illustration.

"Doffanin Stuffanin" for Doc McStuffin

"Aww, June is the sweetest sister in the whole wide town!"

"Mama, I want Raisin Browns for breakfast."

After cutting out a shape that looks like a gun, Mia said,  "Look mommy it's a shooting gun…Just kidding!  Actually it's a gasoline (pump). Hehe"

After impressing us with her grasp on family relationships (cousins, aunts, etc) Mia yawned while saying "I know stuff."

"Poop is not my favorite."

"I don't like you to put your hair in a pony because you look like a boy."

"Lap Chips" = chap stick

Mom- There are so many places in the world we could go. Where would you choose?
Mia- I would choose to get baptized and go to Rexburg.

Mom- Let's pull your braids back while you're playing so they don't bug you.
Mia- Its okay! I want them to bug me!

Mia- I like that big fat guy.
Mom- It's not good manners to call someone fat. That might hurt his feelings.
Mom- Well, then I will say he is just so cozy. I want to snuggle him.

When working on Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano, June came along and played a few extra notes. Very angry, Mia yelled, "Junie! I'm trying to work on my skills!!!"

"Whew! I'm getting sweaty about cleaning up!"

Pointing to a life jacket at Costco: “There's the thing to go skateboarding on the water!"

"Mommy, Guess what? I love you really, really much like a big house." 

Sentimentally: "mommy, you'll ALWAYS be my pillow."

When frustrated: “This is such a RUDE day!!!"

While talking about things people need in order to grow, Mia said, "and also birthdays. People need birthdays so they can grow bigger and bigger like a tall stick or a world."

"June, you want to play friz with me and the friz?" (Frisbee)

-what's a bomb?
-it drops from a plane and makes a big fire that hurts lots of people and things
-Did I do that?
-Drop a rock on the bad guys?
-um…no!  of course not!
-But I want to do that!  Did Daddy do it?  Did you?

Mom is walking up the driveway and dad getting ready to leave for school: “Watch out for mommy! Don't squish your husband! I mean, your life!"

"Ugh! This keeps getting off the pokey!" In other words, the Velcro on my keens won't stick!

Mia, what is in your dolly's hair?  
"It's just my hanatize that I got from my church from my teacher Mister Hainsworths! (hand-sanitizer and Sister Hainsworth).

We have a "merup" tree! (Maple + syrup)

What should we name the baby if it's a boy? "Mrs. Buttercup!" 

Mom: "Stop wiping your hand on your shirt! I'm tired of you ruining your clothes!" 
Mia: in a patronizing voice, "oh mommy. It's just because the baby is making you frustrated at me."

"I like the bad guy on Mulan with the hood and bird. I don't know why!"

"My tongue is like a baby because it moves around in my mouth."

"I know who our prophet is: Thomas Muffin!"

Dad: why do you like bug cars so much?
Mia: well, boys like tough things, an so does Jasmine, but girls like cute things and bug cars are cute.

"I just can't stop liking butter and baby movies."

Mia to Mom: "I look like the color of the NutTella, and you like the inside of the peanut."


"When Junie laughs she gets birdies on her face"

"My favorite milk is the one that starts with 'egg' that's only at Easter." (EggNog)

Watson is just so cute; I dont know what to say!"

"Oh my goo mess!"

Favorite word lately: MYself!

Occasionally when she wakes up, June will ask in a high, squeaky voice, "is a Jesus time, mom?" 

I want a up-cake!

"I like Elmo."

Feeling lethargic with a fever, June had not said anything all afternoon.  Then, while driving, a song came on with the word "hate" in it.  Out of her silence, June yelled, "PASSWORD!" from the back seat. 

Screaming through tears with all her heart: "no snuggling, no snuggling, NO SNUGGLING!!!"

When she first woke up, in her squeaky little voice- "I'm grumpy."

Walked in on daddy pulling on his garments..."daddy wearing pantyhose?"

Dad: Do you have a poopy bum?
June: No? I fine!

Mom: You are such a sweet girl.
June: No! I Julianne Pearl!

"A bee bonked my eye."

Trying to convince mom that she needs another taste of honey..."mo' honey! I a Pooh. I a Pooh."

“Where'd your gum go, June?" She points to mom's jeans..."in your pocket, silly mommy!"

Another gum adventure- while looking in an open exhibit at an aquarium, June began to climb in. Woa! Where are you going? "The fishy eat my gum!" Whoops!

When she is feeling intense or frustrated, points her finger and says either “EVER! EVER!" Or "YOU'RE OUT!"

What should we name the baby if it's a boy? "Soscar!” "Chapstick!"

Phrase used when feeling frustrated about something: “I’M TOO BUSY!"

"Daddy, you just go running?"
"Oh, you smell like running.”

“Mom!  I’m getting stress-strated over here!”

While getting stuck on her bike: “I’m stuck in a squish-jam.”

While listening to Mom and Dad discuss the fact that it costs too much to drive to Sandpoint, June puts up her hands and says, “Stop.  Guys.  I have money.  It’s in my scooter” (she has a penny hidden in the handle). 

After seeing Mom toss two clementines into the air and catch them, “You can jiggle?!”

June: My poop just had a big, big, big, big seed in it.
Mom: Oh, what did you eat that had a big seed?
June:  I didn’t eat it!  It had poop on it and poop is yucky for our bodies.

“oop!  I just fell down on your birthday rug”  (I had mentioned several months ago to David that our new rug could count as my birthday present).

Monday, June 30, 2014

Mia Turns 5!

Mia had so many birthday celebrations that she had a difficult time determining which one made her officially five.  She asked with each one, "Am I five now Mommy?"

Pre-school party smile:

Mom was not feeling terribly ambitious this year...
Mia got berry-oat muffins with colorless Olivias on toothpicks.  I'm sure her classmates were ecstatic.

Since Dad and Mia have birthdays that are just a week apart, they often meet in the middle to celebrate with family. Here they are just after making a wish over their melting ice-cream cake. Mia requested a "Frozen" (the movie) cake, but Dad requested an "Oreo" cake, so this was the compromise. No healthy shortcuts in this case...yikes! But yum! Mia's blow-out the candles with? To "go on a bear hunt."

"Checking" Great Gma R with her new doctor's kit:

Mia's official birthday was celebrated while we were in Utah for a summer trip.  

Her sole birthday request was to push June in the stroller...

Presents usually consist of art supplies and books, but she is ever gracious (so far):

Friday, May 16, 2014

Two-Year Interview

We can't get enough of this sweet, little voice.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pascal Week, 2014

Saturday "Spring Treats" hunt (we have to do something unique from Grandmas) usually involves small garden tools and sandbox toys to counter-balance the load of candy received elsewhere.  This year, Mia could read the clues herself (kind of).  It was so fun to watch them run from place to place!

We have taken to dyeing our eggs with whatever we have on-hand.  This year, turmeric, spinach, and red cabbage (to make the blue).  They always turn out to be lovely!

Evidence that I am carrying on my Mom's tradition of sewing matchy Easter dresses.   

Loot from Gma K's

Friday, February 28, 2014

Dos Anos for June Bug

This sweet girl turned two in February (yes, I know it is now May and I am finally documenting it).
The moment either birthday girl emerges from her room is a big deal for me.  I love to shower them with attention as soon as they wake up.  My mom always decorated my door for me on my birthday and it was such a special tradition.

This sweet smile melts my heart every time!

June's lovely birthmother, Su, has sent a package all the way from Korea for each of June's birthdays.  She doesn't say a thing about it-  we just get a surprise package at the beginning of February filled with beautiful clothing.  June has since believed that every package that arrives comes from Su.  Here is June  showing off the darling things she received:

I have associated June with the grouchy lady bug for the past year (for a variety of reasons: she likes the book, she is really grouchy when she's tired, and she just reminds me of a little lady bug in general).  Luckily, 2 year olds are agreeable to any party theme that's suggested. 

I invested hours into her lop-sided cake, although you wouldn't know it from its appearance.
At least it was really tasty... and as is notorious of desserts at our house, relatively healthy.

We are so blessed to live close to grandparents and cousins.  
It makes for an automatic guest list and fun celebrations!
Mom is always a spaz about this part of the birthday (blowing out the candle).  Poor June tries to hug the cake during the song and gets frightened by Mom's response.

We love this sunshine of our lives!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Noel, 2013

As our family matures, we have been able to better establish rich holiday traditions.  It is my goal to fill the season with meaningful memories as opposed to a commercial gimme-gimme focus.
A new one that we added this year is the Journey to Bethlehem put on by several local faiths.  It is so cool to see the variety of backgrounds there come together by a common focus on Christ.

Here is the participating camel, my favorite part of the production.

Tree trimming:

Mia was terrified of the "grunchy green guy" while watching "The Grinch" with cousins (the Jim Carey version is gross, but we needed something that the older male cousins could appreciate).  

Dad and Mia used external sources to turn up the gingerbread-house design competition this year.  Note their Seussical landscaping in the finished product (on the right).  
That top-heavy marshmallow tree caused a lot of heart ache.

Mia decided that she wanted to see the Nutcracker ballet this year for her Christmas present.  Mom was a little reluctant about the attention span of her wiggly little body, but we made it through the entire production with only one declaration of "not again!" when the prince emerged on-stage for the final scene.

Our annual Coeur D'Alene cruise to the "north pole"

We tried a new type of Christmas cookie this year for Mia's school party: "peppermint buttons."  The girls were well-practiced at sneaking dough by the end of that night.  June patiently waited by the oven until each batch came out.

Here we are, dressed in our festive red velvet for Christmas Sunday

Getting into the spirit at Great-Gma R's on Christmas 'eve:

We were so lucky to have our always missed Utah cousins surprise the family for Christmas!
Times like this usually call for a dance party:

All is calm and bright at midnight

Testing out the new art supplies and puzzles:  

When Mia opened her fancy World Map puzzle, she skeptically said, "Umm...this one is at my school"

We had a frosty "white" but snowless Christmas day.  It was still lovely.

We pulled out the fancy crystal goblets at Gma K's in the evening, but Mia was a bit heavy-handed with hers despite countless warnings and nearly sliced her finger off when it shattered.  She was instructed to keep her hand elevated to slow the bleeding down in order for her parents to assess whether it warranted an ER visit.  She took her instructions to heart and wouldn't lower her poor hand for the rest of the night.  It did the trick... no emergency room Christmas to our relief!

Cute matching nightgowns from talented seamstress Gma K:

After the girls went to bed that night, Mom and Dad discovered that the girls' plasma cars from Gma & Gpa R have a 250 lbs weight limit.