Monday, April 23, 2012

Pascal Week 2012

Here, Mia is on the prowl during Gma & Gpa R's blustery egg hunt.  
Typical of her determined spirit, Gma had hidden her grandbabies' goodies in a blizzard earlier that morning.

June opted out of tradition this year--  it was much too snuggly in-doors.

It takes a lot to deter toddlers, though. Cousin "T" was even willing to shed his trousers in order to leverage Mia onto the trampoline (it took about 7 attempts). This operation made for fabulous entertainment to the house-bound audience.  I think most of the adults were crying from hilarity.

Easter morn with girls dressed in matchy ensembles from Gma R:

Displaying her booty from the hunt at Gma K's-  two whole baskets of sugar. 
Not as much of a victory for Mom!

Luckily, the non-edibles usually catch Mia's attention long enough to sneak the treats away for rationing.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

La Forteresse

We have a long list of projects for Dad to conquer during the itty-bitty amount of time he is home with us. Most of them are meant to solve the aesthetic issues I'm already having with our brand-new home & the task which made the "quadrant one" slot did just the opposite, but it sure has been worth it!

Introducing the beginnings of Mia's Fortress:

The Consequences of Baby Acrobatics

He was warned...