Sunday, November 24, 2013

Halloweeeeen, Two Thousand Thirteeeeeen

We decorated pumpkins the lazy way this year, but I don't think the girls noticed.

Our Halloween festivities turned out just as we'd predicted they would.  
Mia has had a life-long phobia of weird costumes, masks, hats, etc.
So, while a sassy "blue fairy" on the way out the door, she was in shambles by the time we drove several miles to the nearest neighborhood in order to trick-or-treat.  
She is surprisingly articulate about her fears, SHRIEKING things like,
"I don't like this Daddy!  Take me back to home!"
"There's a scary guy COMING!!!"
She'd be a fabulous horror movie actress.  She makes the most innocent Bob the Builder seem like a creep!

June, on the opposite end of the spectrum, would knock expectantly on the doors, and subsequently waltz right into the obliging neighbor's foyer.  The candy part was just a bonus to the home tours.
Not a great success.

The day-time parties weren't much different.
Teacher reports that Mia had a conniption as soon as SpiderMan arrived, and despite the fact that many of her poor classmates were made to remove their fun hats and masks, Mia still sought refuge on this random volunteer's lap for the duration of pre-school.  
No matter that she donned a wild hot-pink wig.  
Mia reports that she liked the "funny mommy with hair."

A wary Mia poses with the other costumed kiddos:

And finally, a fairy and her little lamb in the less-threatening light of day:

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Black Pine Lake

This happened nearly four months ago...but I still want to remember it, so heres a quick record.

David's brother and his family host at an intimate little campground surrounding a pristine mountain lake each summer. This year, the rest of the family went to check out their stomping grounds.  

Gpa R fashioned this fun, but precarious swing for the grandbabies.

We had plenty of opportunities for cousin love and rivalry.  Here's an example...
Whether or not they were having a good time, 
they were not willing to give up their hard-earned spot in the hammock.

Hiking poles are quite the novelty at the commencement,
but lose their glamour pretty quickly and end up shoved under a bush for later retrieval.

We don't hear a single complaint from this girl when she's attached to dog.

Despite lack of ingestion, June's thirst was quenched when mom 
demonstrated her poor water-squirting aim.  It put an unintentional stop to the constant drink requests.  Need to file this memory for later use.