Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Black Pine Lake

This happened nearly four months ago...but I still want to remember it, so heres a quick record.

David's brother and his family host at an intimate little campground surrounding a pristine mountain lake each summer. This year, the rest of the family went to check out their stomping grounds.  

Gpa R fashioned this fun, but precarious swing for the grandbabies.

We had plenty of opportunities for cousin love and rivalry.  Here's an example...
Whether or not they were having a good time, 
they were not willing to give up their hard-earned spot in the hammock.

Hiking poles are quite the novelty at the commencement,
but lose their glamour pretty quickly and end up shoved under a bush for later retrieval.

We don't hear a single complaint from this girl when she's attached to dog.

Despite lack of ingestion, June's thirst was quenched when mom 
demonstrated her poor water-squirting aim.  It put an unintentional stop to the constant drink requests.  Need to file this memory for later use.