Sunday, February 17, 2013

June Turns One!

Our sweet girl celebrated her first birthday last weekend with a fun extended family party.  
She soaked all the attention right up.  
It is gratifying as a parent to see others rally around and love your babies, so we had a fabulous time.

June's beloved birth-mom, Su, sent some lovely birthday outfits all the way from Korea.
I was terrified all night that she would stain this particular one with chocolate cake, 
but we figured that a party girl ought to be flaunting her new attire.

I worked so hard on my "Very Hungry Caterpillar" cake, and it wasn't all that exciting to look at in the end.  But, boy did it taste good!  
I even snuck in coconut oil and whole wheat flour substitutes all while halfing the sugar.  My motive for healthier desserts is purely selfish.  I really like cake, and it reduces the guilt involved.

David unfortunately missed out filming June's fun reaction to her Birthday Song (but did get a full pan of the room, ha!).  Mia and I had been singing it to her all day in preparation.  
She clapped and beamed with birthday pride toward the end.

Sensory experience, frosting, & presents = bliss! 

After opening several lovely gifts (and fighting off her envious big sis), 
June inspected tags with Great-Gma R and gave her new books (several) a run-through. 

We sure love our precious Baby June!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter Wonderland, Priest Lake Edition

Last weekend, we escaped, along with Gma K & Aunt Jasmine, to our favorite, rustic Priest Lake cabin.
                                           We had no running water, but an abundance of snow. 

Snowshoeing around the lake:

We had a lot of down time in the cozy cabin, so I took lots of video for the sake of entertainment.

June prefers to communicate in her glottal register. 

The parents of this emergent walker wanted to show off what she could do, but June felt shy and 
Mia grew impatient:

300 square feet on a wintry weekend is evidence that "small homes grow tight families."