Sunday, February 17, 2013

June Turns One!

Our sweet girl celebrated her first birthday last weekend with a fun extended family party.  
She soaked all the attention right up.  
It is gratifying as a parent to see others rally around and love your babies, so we had a fabulous time.

June's beloved birth-mom, Su, sent some lovely birthday outfits all the way from Korea.
I was terrified all night that she would stain this particular one with chocolate cake, 
but we figured that a party girl ought to be flaunting her new attire.

I worked so hard on my "Very Hungry Caterpillar" cake, and it wasn't all that exciting to look at in the end.  But, boy did it taste good!  
I even snuck in coconut oil and whole wheat flour substitutes all while halfing the sugar.  My motive for healthier desserts is purely selfish.  I really like cake, and it reduces the guilt involved.

David unfortunately missed out filming June's fun reaction to her Birthday Song (but did get a full pan of the room, ha!).  Mia and I had been singing it to her all day in preparation.  
She clapped and beamed with birthday pride toward the end.

Sensory experience, frosting, & presents = bliss! 

After opening several lovely gifts (and fighting off her envious big sis), 
June inspected tags with Great-Gma R and gave her new books (several) a run-through. 

We sure love our precious Baby June!

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Halsey said...

I love her! And I can't wait to meet her in real life. FINALLY. I love your comment about healthier dessert, because it expressed my feelings exactly.