Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Movin' Mia

Mia is beginning to squirm! She is no longer a blob who will mold to your liking.

She likes to stand...
wiggle... (which always fuzzes up her hair)
and jump (kind of).
This ingenious contraption used to be mine circa 1984.

Oh Deer!

This isn't the first time we have had visitors. It is, however, the first time they have ventured to interfere with our tiny bit of landscaping in which we take great pride (although David is the best landscaper in Spokane, his skills only transfer to our own home in minutiae).

There used to be pretty plants here & a lot more leaves on this Japanese Maple.

We weren't ready to irrigate a full throttle garden this year, so we created this lovely "container garden" out of left-over tree pots.

This used to be FULL of leeks. They were almost ready to harvest. I was collecting recipes and sooo excited to use them! Who would have thought deer would appreciate anything from the onion family?
These two plants had beautiful glossy leaves and were just beginning to bear Red Mandarin Sweet Peppers. Again, I was so excited to use them!
Our Beefsteak Tomato plant and eight huge tomatoes...we were just waiting for them to get ripe. Grrrr!
Our entire garden looks like this. I'm mad.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Autumn is perfect.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lake Chelan Marathon

This weekend, we ran in the Lake Chelan race along with some of our family. David ran the full marathon. Carrie and Lexi (sisters-in-law) drove up and the down the course to keep us updated on where everyone was. "David's still in first place!" she yelled from her truck while I was trudging along. It wasn't much of a surprise. He's crazy.

I ran the half-marathon. I was so relieved...as you can see in the picture...to reach that finish line upright. I was expecting it to be more difficult than it was (which worked to my advantage), and surprised myself when I reached the end happy and alive. Now I am anxious to get a more competitive time on my next one. Logan, our cousin, got an awesome time & provided some comic relief via his little spandex shorts. His next feat is to break the world record for youngest 100mile race finisher.
Here is much of the R. clan running with John in his last stretch of 26.2 miles. It was a pretty cool thing to watch...David, Mary, Mom R, John, Carrie, and Joe.
We were happy to find Mia at the finish line. Nice shorts, David.
Mia with her Gma R who had just run 26.2 + miles and was still smiling with energy to spare! THIS is where David gets it from.

Friday, September 18, 2009

3 Month Mia

One of Mia's favorite activities is Dad's Super-Baby Simulator.

I think Mia looks like baby-doll in this picture. She is so sweet.
Please stop growing.


We had a fun weekend with Emily, Logan, & River!

It was Mia & River's first meeting, but it seemed to be friendship at first sight- at least for Mia... River's a little worried about holding hands this early in the game. Perhaps Mia was was being too friendly.

Whoa, Mia!

Just imagine River and Mia 80 years from now in Lazy-Boys instead of Graco Snug-Rides Mia must have been upset about saying good-bye. Logan, please decide to go to law school and move your family to Spokane. Thanks.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labor Day at Lake Sullivan

We camped at Lake Sullivan with my Mom and sisters during Labor Day weekend. I was a little nervous about how Mia would do with unfamiliar conditions, but she proved to be a natrual nature-lover!

Dad & Mia (as usual) by the fire- Mia had funny outfits on all weekend in an attempt to stay cozy.

(Aunt) Arianna with s'more remains
Mia lovin' up on (Aunt) Jasmine
Okay. So I am not very suave when it comes to posting videos/pictures...
Oh...and this guy vacationed in our "backyard" all weekend. He's BIG!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mia's Big Weekend

Mia just had the best weekend ever filled with a beautiful sealing & blessing, and tons of love from her family!

Here is Mia's first picture with her newly eternal family just outside the Spokane temple. She is the only one smart enough to turn away from the bright sun.
Mia passed out a lot of smiles
All the fam who attended the sealing
The rest of the weekend, Mia was busy...
...relaxing with Great Gpa Harmon (and Great Gma Harmon who was feeling camera shy)...
...cozying up with Uncle Gordon (who flew all the way from W. Virginia!)......lovin' on Gpa Reese...
...being hugged by Gma K...
...posing as a book-end with cousin Talan...
...snuggling in to Gma Reese...
...being happy with her happy parents after the blessing...
...looking demure in her special dress...
... having a staring contest with Uncle Ethan...
...helping Great Gma Heinz in the kitchen...
...and kissing her biggest fan.