Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh Deer!

This isn't the first time we have had visitors. It is, however, the first time they have ventured to interfere with our tiny bit of landscaping in which we take great pride (although David is the best landscaper in Spokane, his skills only transfer to our own home in minutiae).

There used to be pretty plants here & a lot more leaves on this Japanese Maple.

We weren't ready to irrigate a full throttle garden this year, so we created this lovely "container garden" out of left-over tree pots.

This used to be FULL of leeks. They were almost ready to harvest. I was collecting recipes and sooo excited to use them! Who would have thought deer would appreciate anything from the onion family?
These two plants had beautiful glossy leaves and were just beginning to bear Red Mandarin Sweet Peppers. Again, I was so excited to use them!
Our Beefsteak Tomato plant and eight huge tomatoes...we were just waiting for them to get ripe. Grrrr!
Our entire garden looks like this. I'm mad.


Katie said...

That is tragic! Darn Deer

emily and logan said...

i would have liked to catch that guy in the act. and spank his bum!

David & Ashley said...


Halsey said...

I would be mad too. My grandpa is always complaining about the fact that if you shoot a deer on your own property, the wildlife and game people get after you. However, if it's eating your garden, it's not their problem. Funny how that works!