Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Un Joyeux Noël

Excitement was brewing and we are just about to leave for the traditional drive to Great Gma R's house. Mia had on a more festive outfit, but just as we were about to walk out the door, she decided it needed some extra adornment...greenish-brownish smelly adornment.

Mia getting acquainted with Great Gma R

As you can see, Mia is overwhelmed with excitement about her new sock-monkey, Penelope.

And Mom is waaaaaay too into these Dr. Seuss books- Help me!

Our booty (note object on David's back- more on that later)

Mia was carefully inspecting each one of the items in her bottomless stocking at Gma Rs.

Cousin Talan received a pony from Santa. Mia was trying to hide her envy by feigning indifference at first, but quickly gave up the mask.

At Gma K's, Uncle Ethan decided that Mia was the best Christmas present ever, so she deserved her own box. We agreed.

I think this image of my sister is really funny. She remained fully attired for major chunk of the day and thought nothing of it.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Brave Gal

David, who served his mission in a country saturated with shrines and rituals to daily worship the Virgin Goddess of the New Testament, is often skeptical of any praise for Mary, mother of Christ. He is wary of deifying the wrong end of that maternal relationship. As a woman, however, and a new mom, I have great respect for the overwhelming job she had of bearing and raising the literal Son of God while still a young teen and in the face of a morally rigid society- one where she would likely be shunned, if not killed over her suspicious pregnancy. Yikes.

I love Hollywood's recent adaptation of the Nativity story, despite the whole wisemen- in- the- stable- thing and an angel Gabriel who looks like Prince with a Ring(movie)-like atmosphere each time he appears. The Jewish culture of the time is portrayed so well. The footage in this "music-video" was surely done on a tighter budget and the editing...not done by an expert. If you can see beyond that, it is a sweet insight into what Mary may have felt.

Pre-Christmas Festivities

Amelia had her first introduction to Santa in our own home! He came for an early visit, and she was quite taken with all of his facial hair.
The acquired R girls and Mom made crafts for the holidays. I am especially excited about making our own laundry detergent. Carrie taught us to make 3 gallons for only $1.26! It smells really good too!
Mia was a veteran by the time she saw her second Santa of the season.
AAAAnd one cannot forget cousin Brittany's annual Ugly Sweater Bash. Mia's sweater was actually really cute, but mine had enough plastic bling to last all year...not cute.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Sad Day for Winnie

Winston lost something this week. Actually, he lost some thingS. Hopefully he now won't be as tempted into his frequent 3-day population sprees and save his parents from heart-ache.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

East Side, Baby!

We just returned from my first excursion to the far East for nearly 8 years. This time I got to bring my two favorite people and show them around. We had so much fun seeing beautiful New England, eating really good Italian food, and most of all, visiting our friends.

Mia's initial airplane experience- I was a little nervous to travel like this with a 6-month-old, but my anxiety was all in vain...she was awesome. We got to see our friends Ems and Jillian. Jill was feeling empty handed while taking the pic, so Libby had to act as a proxy.
The Mia/River romance was re-kindled...at least on one end.
We had lots of swimming time at the hotels. Mia is a fish.
I was startled by the water temperature. Mia didn't notice.
After hiking to the top of the Bunker Hill monument...phew!
La Casa de Paul Revere
The apple orchard by my old house in Mass...It would have been quite heavenly had we been a month earlier
My old house in Mass (we were trying to be stealth while taking the picture- please forgive the tree)
Quincy Market (note the big smile on David's face)
Riding the "T' like a true Bostonian...
...and kicking back with a little Brown Bear after a long day
Thank you, Martha, for including Gravestone 101 in this year's October issue. I felt like quite the expert.

Louisa May Alcott's house- my hero
The Old North Bridge, where it all began
I had to get a picture with the circle windows in our old church building. I was pleased to find that they weren't just a figment of my imagination these past years.
Rockefeller Center
A run-of-the-mill-parked-wienie-mobile
Mia and the Liberty Bell
with the best hostess ever
David's first official Philly Cheesesteak- Mia was hoping to catch anything that dropped
Downtown Philly
Rocky Reese
With the Bird fam- Mia received lots of love that night.
Mercer's Fonthill...returning home to West Coast architecture was painful
Mia enjoyed lounging with Amanda on her sheepskin rug Amanda and her personal chauffeur took us to see the ginger bread houses at Peddler's Village, among other things.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sleigh Ride

This is one of our favorite passtimes:

Notice the uncertain pedestrian who happens to be both snowmobile owner and grandparent to the parties involved

Things got a little competitive...

...Jasmine and Arianna made a Mom sandwich......and we were happy to have made it home alive

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Island Park Thanksgiving

We took a trip to visit G & G Heinz in Island Park for Thanksgiving. It is a tradition that I often look forward to, but especially now because Mia makes our memories so much more fun! She got loved right up by Great Grandma and seems to sense that she is a version of her mom. We had some yummy twists on our traditional foods and Mia got to taste a few. She is partial to sweet potatoes.Grandma K sneaking an apple slice
Mmmmm...chocolate sheet cake- my favorite gourmet birthday treat
David and I went on some cross-country ski excursions. It was beautiful.
Mia had her first major snow experience. She looks like a real eskimo baby with those cheeks.
In Grandpa Heinz's big chair

We love you Island Park! We will miss you when G & G Heinz move to the big city (Rexburg).