Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pre-Christmas Festivities

Amelia had her first introduction to Santa in our own home! He came for an early visit, and she was quite taken with all of his facial hair.
The acquired R girls and Mom made crafts for the holidays. I am especially excited about making our own laundry detergent. Carrie taught us to make 3 gallons for only $1.26! It smells really good too!
Mia was a veteran by the time she saw her second Santa of the season.
AAAAnd one cannot forget cousin Brittany's annual Ugly Sweater Bash. Mia's sweater was actually really cute, but mine had enough plastic bling to last all year...not cute.


emily and logan said...

well, i like your dr. suess-esque christmas tree t-shirt myself. and you need to teach me to make that detergent!

R said...

I got it at Target for $5.

Halsey said...

So I totally saw Grandma Heinz in the temple yesterday! I saw the Heinz and the resemblance and couldn't resist asking her if she was yours. She was. And all she could say was that Mia is the cutest thing ever; imagine that :)