Monday, October 26, 2009

Una Pequena Calabaza

On our way to PAAAAAAAAARTY (with the ward).
We were clearly looking for any excuse to stuff Mia full of grocery bags. The ward Halloween party was supposed to be for the Primary children. Whoops!
A really cute squash with her ghost-busting aunt
Mia donning a Gma K splurge
David, Joe, and their respective chubby cheeked babies during R family photos. More to come...
I love it when Mia's legs form a 90 degree angle with her body.
Hair-do attempt #2...we have a way to go before we master this art.
Mia is getting a head-start on some Nat' Geo'

Evelyn Waugh: Read for a Thoroughly Depressing Time

I realize that Evelyn Waugh was trying to make a statement about The Wasteland of humanity. I hope, however, that he is incorrect and that no male will ever go by the name of Evelyn again.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Big Event (and some other stuff)

We have been so excited to introduce a new cuisine to Mia! So far her culinary repertoire includes:
-whole grain baby rice cereal
-Gma Rs homegrown apple puree (unfortunately mom has also taken a liking to it and Mia's month supply is beginning to dwindle)

Here are the first moments of this enthralling experience...

Our traditional monthly photo in THE chair

Mid-morning nap

Whatchya lookin' at? We think Mia looks pretty legit' in this photo.

She has also developed a new form of communication.
*Warning* You may get a glimpse of Mia's "Babies Gone Wild" debut at the end

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bluff Vert

Harvest time! Uncle Joe was rightfully concerned that Mia might be herded with the other sheep.
Some of T' usual lovin'
Mia's over it.
"What's wrong with her? Give me me some honey and I'm set!"

Baby Update

With a little support, Amelia can sit up. She thinks it is all rather amusing... the way Mom & Dad react to her accomplishments. She likes to help mom with laundry because she usually gets placed in a snuggly situation.
Again, we are basically twins. Can you tell us apart?
Mia likes to lounge in her new chair. This week, once we have the okay from Dr., the chair will have a whole new meaning. Food with flavor! (At least more flavor...It's all relative.)
Her little hat helps us out on bad hair days. It doesn't take much to fuzz up these curls!
All the while, our other babies have only eachother to huddle with against the nippy air. Poor guys. Move out the way, Izzy & Winston. MIA'S IN TOWN!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pretentious Prudence Panel Causes Bitterness for the Ricksy Chicks

I stumbled upon this video clip of the Ricksy Chicks (Halsey, Me, Marilyn, Summer) Guitars Unplugged performance of 2005 and I realized that I am still working on some lingering pangs of bitterness toward the members of the "Prudence Panel"... instituted to protect the virtue and integrity of the event.

Apparently our primary mission was to sabotage those very things because we dared to present a cover of "Cowboy Take Me Away," that diabolical song which suggests "lying down in a field of bluebonnets" with a person unnamed. The ambiguity of the phrase can allow one's mind wander to forbidden places and the song was thus deemed unworthy.

We took another run at it by changing the lyrics so as to avoid any copyright issues. But, alas, our ulterior motives revealed themselves when we included A word that suggested heat, passion, or perhaps, lust.

It took a while to get beyond the discouragement, but finally after a few very late nights we were able to coin some cleverly clean lyrics based on Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 (Marianne Dashwood's theme poem) and sneak past the Prudence Panel's ever-so-watchful eye.

Performance Night: Just before we walked on-stage, our song was announced incorrectly in a last ditch effort by the panel to overthrow our cause. Despite all of this, the performance was given well and although I thought I would hyperventilate, we had a lot to offer. In addition to a very skilled guitarist (okay, maybe not), we had two of the most talented string musicians in the west, one of which sang while fiddling, and an awesome percussionist with some smooth shakes. That is a lot more than most performers had that night! AND we had written our own words!

Alas, the Prudence Panel banned us from the BIG Sat. night performance. It may not have helped our popularity when I demanded with a large and in-charge attitude to know the reason. It didn't matter, I suppose, because we all knew the truth: we were too hot to handle.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We've accomplished about 1/2 of what we were hoping to this Summer on phase #2 of our house

Mia got to see birth-grandma

We made our first attempt at a real hair-do. It was slightly disastrous. We took this very diva-ish photo.We made some good use of our BOB through treacherous terrain (we took this picture in the safety of a cedar grove...we dared not stop anywhere else on the trail. Mia was getting the ride of her life!) We posed in the cute old-lady hat from Gma R, assembled the new high-chair and gave it a taste-test to make sure it was up to par.

We have a good life!