Monday, October 26, 2009

Una Pequena Calabaza

On our way to PAAAAAAAAARTY (with the ward).
We were clearly looking for any excuse to stuff Mia full of grocery bags. The ward Halloween party was supposed to be for the Primary children. Whoops!
A really cute squash with her ghost-busting aunt
Mia donning a Gma K splurge
David, Joe, and their respective chubby cheeked babies during R family photos. More to come...
I love it when Mia's legs form a 90 degree angle with her body.
Hair-do attempt #2...we have a way to go before we master this art.
Mia is getting a head-start on some Nat' Geo'


emily and logan said...

i think i like mia's hair best when it's just all fro'd out. maybe you could do cornrows, though!

David & Ashley said...

Her hair is a huge fro every morning. It's pretty cute, but Mia doesn't want to look unkempt in public. Thus, we have to do "hair time" as part of our morning regime...and cornrows are way out of my league!

Parker and Alexis said...

Cutest pumpkin in town!!! She is the cutest thing! She looks like a doll.