Monday, June 30, 2014

Mia Turns 5!

Mia had so many birthday celebrations that she had a difficult time determining which one made her officially five.  She asked with each one, "Am I five now Mommy?"

Pre-school party smile:

Mom was not feeling terribly ambitious this year...
Mia got berry-oat muffins with colorless Olivias on toothpicks.  I'm sure her classmates were ecstatic.

Since Dad and Mia have birthdays that are just a week apart, they often meet in the middle to celebrate with family. Here they are just after making a wish over their melting ice-cream cake. Mia requested a "Frozen" (the movie) cake, but Dad requested an "Oreo" cake, so this was the compromise. No healthy shortcuts in this case...yikes! But yum! Mia's blow-out the candles with? To "go on a bear hunt."

"Checking" Great Gma R with her new doctor's kit:

Mia's official birthday was celebrated while we were in Utah for a summer trip.  

Her sole birthday request was to push June in the stroller...

Presents usually consist of art supplies and books, but she is ever gracious (so far):