Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Secret Identities REVEALED

Professor Lupin (luckily the full moon had occured the week before):
a more mild-mannered (I hope) Bellatrix LeStrange:
The head table- McGonagall, Dumbledore, Snape:
Ron Weasley getting a re-sort from the Sorting Hat:
Due to educational budget cuts,
Hogwarts had to enlist Trelawney's family fortune to fund the feast:
The lovely Mme. Rosmerta (wo)manning her post at the Leaky Cauldon's Bar:
Fred and George Weasley (George is still recovering from his Death Eater attack):
The entire Weasley clan was present. Here's Bill:
As was expected, the quickly quilling Rita Skeeter popped in so as not to miss any action:
Professor Sprout:
Dolores Umbridge and her latest victim, Luna Lovegood:

Saturday, November 27, 2010


for THIS, most of all...
but also for tasty traditions. I brought my usual contributions Aunt Jacque's.
Candied yams:
Cranberry-Orange relish (which I eat by the spoonful):
Thanksgiving was a little empty because of the missing guests. G & G & Aunt Amy were snowed in to their homes in Southern Idaho. Mia still had a glorious time playing with the available cousins. With some help from Gma K, she was able to keep up with older & wiser McKenna.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In her 17th month, Mia's interests have surfaced and taken hold. It is fascinating how these little personalities come to us already formed. Although genetics, and especially environment, help to shape them, there is no squelching what is already there!

This girl is a dress-up lover, through and through. My dish towel drawer usually looks like this to accommodate her accessorizing.
Taking a post-Flashdance session breather:
Snuggling into her favorite spot with a bit of Eric Carle:
"I'm so glad when the FUN PARENT comes home, glad as I can be!"
Here, Mia snuck the "Quiet Book" out of my church bag. I try to keep it hidden during the week so that it becomes a novelty on Sundays.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh, Snow!

We woke to lots of snow yesterday. Mia was fascinated. We were already prepared with the gear: lovely hot-pink bibbed snow pants from the baby thrift store and the only warm coat I could find sans Disney princesses or the like. We went out first thing in the morning so as to get a good deal of sledding in before Dad had to go to work. Welcome winter!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Little Lamb

My mom sewed all of my Halloween costumes, and so to continue the tradition, I sewed Mia's. After spending a couple days on it, I began to question the sanity of the operation and determined to get as much use out of this little fleece jumpsuit as possible! David and I were our boring selves because we are saving all of our costume creativity for the upcoming Deathly Hallows debut. Watch out!
Mia was a bit wary of the unrecognizable attendees (and really creepy music) at the ward Halloween party.
She DID win the prize for best animal costume, though. I was proud!
Here is our oh-so-exciting pumpkin featured at Gma K's house. We were feeling lazy, so it kept its guts and only received a superficial make-over.
My sister, Jasmine, was rather festive, however. At 17, she was the most excited to get dressed up, convinced (boy)friend, Spencer, to participate, and even donned a live accessory- her dog in footed jammies. Mia thought it was pretty funny.