Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In her 17th month, Mia's interests have surfaced and taken hold. It is fascinating how these little personalities come to us already formed. Although genetics, and especially environment, help to shape them, there is no squelching what is already there!

This girl is a dress-up lover, through and through. My dish towel drawer usually looks like this to accommodate her accessorizing.
Taking a post-Flashdance session breather:
Snuggling into her favorite spot with a bit of Eric Carle:
"I'm so glad when the FUN PARENT comes home, glad as I can be!"
Here, Mia snuck the "Quiet Book" out of my church bag. I try to keep it hidden during the week so that it becomes a novelty on Sundays.


Halsey said...

Haha, the FUN PARENT is so true. Amazing how mundane you become after every day all day for so many months.

Charlene said...

She is soooo stinkin cute! And Ashley, I'm sure she has plenty of fun with you too!

Julie said...

A friend sent me a link to your blog because she thought our girls looked so much alike. It is actually amazing how much they do! They are also both named Amelia and called Mia. Wow! Nice to meet you!