Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy (Alfred Hitchcockesque) Halloween

Here are the creepiest things I've seen all year, and both sightings happened to be within the two weeks before Halloween and within two miles from our current abode. 
Maybe, maybe not...  
Either way, just applaud my attempt to be spooky.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mia's Top 10

hanging around at our Discovery Park on a crisp fall day... 

helping Gpa R test out his new bike-  she could sense the gravity of the occasion...

practicing her usual gymnastics...

presenting an autumnal find...

Mia's favorite mode of transportation down Gma R's basement staircase...

showing mom's old Wonder Horse who's boss--  
this horse has miraculously endured three households of toddlers, 
and somehow made its way back to it's original owner

It went like this:
"Make this face, Dad, for the closest upper-lip shave... Here, just let me do it."  

late-night addictions--oh, treacherous web of Sesame Street play lists!

My dear friend, Carol, gifted this sweet collector's doll to Mia a while ago (accompanied by all the books, outfits, and accessories that anyone could imagine).  I had been holding out until I felt Mia was a little older and would appreciate her more, but Mia spotted my stash and I gave in to her curiosity.  
The doll's name is supposed to be Keisha, but Mia insists that "No, Mommy, it's 'Sheesha!'" So far our nice and gentle doll sessions have lasted three minutes, on average, before a pant-leg gets stuck on a still-shod foot, and Mia gets aggressive.  
The subsequent pre-tantrum shriek is "Sheesha's" night-night cue.  

Here is a gentle moment:

...and here is an even sweeter one, which I am pleased to report, 
so makes up for anything of the opposite nature!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Harvest Time Compensation

Mia had diligently planted pumpkins at Gma R's this spring in order to have a big pumpkin patch for herself and the other grandkids. It was all in vain, however, because Gma's would-be pumpkin patch looks like this...                                                    we had too much fun this summer, I guess.             

Luckily we live close to lots of lovely farms where pumpkins are NOT in short supply:

In addition to the pumpkin picking, Mia & Talan took a trip through the corn maze, which included a much less claustrophobic boxwood maze (phew!). 

After about 30 directionless minutes in the maze with two toddlers (and a potty accident), we got aggressive and hopped the hedge to the destination (a plywood castle), and all was well...

We had lots of fun and even took a pretty train ride (the hay ride was out of commission),

...but after a while, Mia started to feel overwhelmed by the excitement- particularly the number of pumpkin choices.  She declared that she no longer "liked it" (the pumpkin patch), so Gma held her tight and helped her pick out the best Mia-size pumpkin from a more Mia-size collection.

There is not much that good apple pie wont remedy, however, and having finally accomplished what we'd come for, life was good again!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mt. Spokane 25k

I got to spend Saturday looking at scenes like this. 
Granted, I was on my feet the whole time, and although it was challenging, the views were so worth the effort!

Mulling around the starting line-  I needed to squeeze my cheerleader.  
It was going to be a while before I saw her again! 

David was kind enough to volunteer at this race instead of run it in order to waive the entry fee...
In fact, his whole running posse did the same in order to bank their entries into the more competetive Orcas Island run in February.  Brrrr.  As a result, this was really a females only event (with the exception of our 10 year old nephew, Sam!)...Mom R and Mary ran the 50k, and Carrie accompanied her son on the 25k.

When I heard John's reggae rhythms through the trees that I knew that I was close to respite!  The three brothers manned the best aid station ever-  complete with cozy fire and lots of encouragement. 
My SIL, Lexi, met me at the finish line while the boys completed their posts.  
I was so happy to see her after being alone with my own thoughts for 3.5 hrs.  
Mia was so happy to see her best pal, Talan.  
They maintained the day's theme with some trail running of their own:

Check out Rainshadow Running for some more fabulous runs!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ride n' Slide

This weekend, Mia and I got to take full advantage of the perfect fall weather, and the off-season lull (which allows for great deals, like the Hiawatha trail and Silver Mountain Water park combo pack...who could ask for more?) with Gma K and my sisters.

This tunnel on the trail is a thrilling 2ish mile ride of darkness.  Mia wore this little headlamp and sang a hugely echoing "Let's Go Fly a Kite" to keep things "light."

Here we are about to be engulfed by the cold, scary tunnel:

Whew!  As we zoomed along following our tiny  light, 
we emerged unscathed, with our family, and next to a beautiful waterfall.
Perfect set-up for an object lesson?  It sure felt like it!

We had felt ambitious at the beginning of our ride, and planned to replace the shuttle by riding back the way we'd come.  At the end the ride, we happily hopped onto the bus. 
Mia thought it was fabulous to ride sans seat belt and next to Gma K. 

Then, as if the beautiful ride wasn't enough, we got to top it off with this.  Although I have long had a phobia of public water facilities, since I've been a mom, Mia's excitement has overridden my fear of swapping fluids with fellow swimmers...and it was worth it!  We had so much fun, that these three pictures (three of the countless trips down Mia's orange slide) are all we documented.