Saturday, October 22, 2011

Harvest Time Compensation

Mia had diligently planted pumpkins at Gma R's this spring in order to have a big pumpkin patch for herself and the other grandkids. It was all in vain, however, because Gma's would-be pumpkin patch looks like this...                                                    we had too much fun this summer, I guess.             

Luckily we live close to lots of lovely farms where pumpkins are NOT in short supply:

In addition to the pumpkin picking, Mia & Talan took a trip through the corn maze, which included a much less claustrophobic boxwood maze (phew!). 

After about 30 directionless minutes in the maze with two toddlers (and a potty accident), we got aggressive and hopped the hedge to the destination (a plywood castle), and all was well...

We had lots of fun and even took a pretty train ride (the hay ride was out of commission),

...but after a while, Mia started to feel overwhelmed by the excitement- particularly the number of pumpkin choices.  She declared that she no longer "liked it" (the pumpkin patch), so Gma held her tight and helped her pick out the best Mia-size pumpkin from a more Mia-size collection.

There is not much that good apple pie wont remedy, however, and having finally accomplished what we'd come for, life was good again!

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