Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mia's Top 10

hanging around at our Discovery Park on a crisp fall day... 

helping Gpa R test out his new bike-  she could sense the gravity of the occasion...

practicing her usual gymnastics...

presenting an autumnal find...

Mia's favorite mode of transportation down Gma R's basement staircase...

showing mom's old Wonder Horse who's boss--  
this horse has miraculously endured three households of toddlers, 
and somehow made its way back to it's original owner

It went like this:
"Make this face, Dad, for the closest upper-lip shave... Here, just let me do it."  

late-night addictions--oh, treacherous web of Sesame Street play lists!

My dear friend, Carol, gifted this sweet collector's doll to Mia a while ago (accompanied by all the books, outfits, and accessories that anyone could imagine).  I had been holding out until I felt Mia was a little older and would appreciate her more, but Mia spotted my stash and I gave in to her curiosity.  
The doll's name is supposed to be Keisha, but Mia insists that "No, Mommy, it's 'Sheesha!'" So far our nice and gentle doll sessions have lasted three minutes, on average, before a pant-leg gets stuck on a still-shod foot, and Mia gets aggressive.  
The subsequent pre-tantrum shriek is "Sheesha's" night-night cue.  

Here is a gentle moment:

...and here is an even sweeter one, which I am pleased to report, 
so makes up for anything of the opposite nature!

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