Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mia + June Top Ten

This is Mia's time-out corner.  
She is rarely there alone, even when June is the victim of the infraction.  Almost every time, before June even recovers from heavy-handed sisterly "love," she toddles over to Mia's side and endures the consequence along side her.  We have since developed a new system because, needless to say, time out parties are not terribly effective.

I don't know what started this, but Mia will often bring me each of their respective blankets and say "Me and June want to be baby sausages."  Cheap entertainment!


bath-time bubble beards:

This is June's activity of choice lately.  She stands at the door and shouts, "Mommy!  'wing!"  Once we position June on the swing, Mia usually insists, "I am the tiny Mommy."  Which means, "go away mom. I am the pusher." It's a great arrangement.

Since I began grad school a couple weeks ago, every second with these girls feels valuable.
I am trying to document lots of our care-free moments together so I can remember that we had them! 


Shoes that double as phones...the next big thing?
The fact that the bottom of Mia's shoe has been all over town is inconsequential.  
She even likes to lick it for good measure (and a good reaction from mom).

Cute bums at the beach:

We have discovered this summer that marshmallows + sandboxes are fun, 
but don't make for fun clean-up.

Double shots and double tears at the Dr's last month.  For weeks, Mia has included the experience in her prayers and give thanks that "two girls could get shots at the doctor." Weird.  We couldn't get her to stop saying it for anything until just recently.  


Our poor lavender plants are subject to frequent olfaction:

I can't take credit for these two girls' lovely smiles, 
but I can claim these smiles as my number one source of joy!

Here is our commemoratory ride in Dad's beloved Bronco... with hi-tech air filters (I doubt it would pass any sort of emissions inspection).  It found a new home this week.  David is mourning its loss, particularly because of the good memories with which it's associated, but looking forward to break-down-free driving with a new(er) care in the future.  We all share his relief! 

Feeling Sunday afternoon sunshine:

Finding a normal sized dandelion with seeds to distribute around the yard is exciting, 
but dandelions this size are an absolute thrill!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Independence Day, 2013

Our 4th of July Priest Lake visit was lovely as always.

We spent most of the time on the water. Dad had to make sure that "he's still got it."

And Mom is sure that there is very little more heavenly than an evening boat ride!

June is hooked on this iconic summer treat. 
I wish I could figure out how to spell the "watermelon" way she pronounces it:

As usual, sweet Mia (and her sidekick) was/were quick to lend a hand...for better or worse.

Hiked our hearts out:

Gpa made the fireworks even more thrilling for the girls with some exaggerated "oos" and "ahhs'.

Since most of the family could not be with us, invited family by proxy this year and filled the camp with some of our favorite friends.  Mia thought it was fabulous.  Our friends were troopers: they ate foil dinners huddled under a tarp in an unseasonable downpour, braved the treacherous rope swing after relays of horror stories from Ash, and out the turn-of-the-century outhouse to good use with all the potty training toddlers...  and still claimed to have a glorious time!
Evie and Mia working some s'mores

Ashton, Jane, Mia, June lounging lakeside

My forest sprite- all you need is a daisy crown.  Forget the clothes.

A girl's gotta have her daily dose of sand:

We like our country and particularly like the excuse to celebrate!