Thursday, August 8, 2013

Independence Day, 2013

Our 4th of July Priest Lake visit was lovely as always.

We spent most of the time on the water. Dad had to make sure that "he's still got it."

And Mom is sure that there is very little more heavenly than an evening boat ride!

June is hooked on this iconic summer treat. 
I wish I could figure out how to spell the "watermelon" way she pronounces it:

As usual, sweet Mia (and her sidekick) was/were quick to lend a hand...for better or worse.

Hiked our hearts out:

Gpa made the fireworks even more thrilling for the girls with some exaggerated "oos" and "ahhs'.

Since most of the family could not be with us, invited family by proxy this year and filled the camp with some of our favorite friends.  Mia thought it was fabulous.  Our friends were troopers: they ate foil dinners huddled under a tarp in an unseasonable downpour, braved the treacherous rope swing after relays of horror stories from Ash, and out the turn-of-the-century outhouse to good use with all the potty training toddlers...  and still claimed to have a glorious time!
Evie and Mia working some s'mores

Ashton, Jane, Mia, June lounging lakeside

My forest sprite- all you need is a daisy crown.  Forget the clothes.

A girl's gotta have her daily dose of sand:

We like our country and particularly like the excuse to celebrate!

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Britt and Brad said...

Aww so glad you guys had fun! Remember the night Mia sat on our kitchen counter and ate watermelon until we had to stop her?! Like sister, like sister :)