Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Romantic Nostalgia

While organizing our bookshelves last week, I found these fun photos from eleven + years ago.  I've mostly been horrified by these photos (they are super embarrassing for some reason) whenever I dig them up from time-to-time, but I am currently in a journaling mood and decided instead to digitally-document (this was pre-digital cameras...at least in the mainstream) the evolution of the year and a half of "friendship" before David took off to Argentina and I took off to college.  It was a really tough period for my family, and David came along with all his life-loving charm and melted my heart.  The time is comical to think about because we took ourselves so seriously and created a huge amount of stress for our parents, but really, it was my first taste of "true love" and the investment certainly turned out to be worthwhile!

This was taken after David had been set apart as a missionary.  Was he allowed to put his arm around me?  Whoops.  It's okay because we were in front of the temple in an effort to solidify our destiny together.  
I remember feeling physically sick this entire weekend because I couldn't bear the thought of him leaving, but needed to be the cheerful and encouraging (girl)friend. Something did the trick, because despite some major bumps in the road, we were right back here just a few months after he returned.
It all seems pretty romantic as I recall this stuff; particularly because I like him even more now!


Life Is What We Make It! said...

from the moment I met you in our dorm, I knew that the two of you would end up together! :)

Britt and Brad said...

This makes me so happy! You two have always been the couple I've looked up to and wanted to be like with my husband (whom I finally have!). Love you both!