Sunday, July 7, 2013

Party Time

We get to have two birthdys within a week during the month of June...luckily Dad and Mia don't mind sharing their celebrations!

Gma R celebration:

Gma K celebration:

Mia also got to host her very first "friend party."
I was so pleased that Mia chose "Peter Rabbit" as her party theme!

When Mia announced to her friends that the cupcakes were made of "dirt," 
it took a lot of persuading to re-whet their little appetites!

...Mia wouldn't have cared either way.  
Why should she? Eating dirt is an interesting experience that gets a good reaction from Mom.

We really got into the quintessential girls'-birthday-party-spirit with pony rides.

The girls had several bunny/garden themed activities like digging for bunny treats in the sandbox, balloon hop, paining pots and planting flowers (Some activities were more successful than others.  The digging for treats proved to be a disaster when not one treat had been unearthed after 20 minutes of digging.  Luckily an onlooking dad stepped in to reveal a treasure and restore faith in the seekers).

Here are the finished pots:

Fun friends donning painting smocks and bunny ears:

Many happy returns to two of my loves!

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L said...

The invitation looked amazing! Mia is so beautiful. I laughed out loud when I read that she told her guests the cupcakes were made out of dirt!