Monday, October 19, 2009

A Big Event (and some other stuff)

We have been so excited to introduce a new cuisine to Mia! So far her culinary repertoire includes:
-whole grain baby rice cereal
-Gma Rs homegrown apple puree (unfortunately mom has also taken a liking to it and Mia's month supply is beginning to dwindle)

Here are the first moments of this enthralling experience...

Our traditional monthly photo in THE chair

Mid-morning nap

Whatchya lookin' at? We think Mia looks pretty legit' in this photo.

She has also developed a new form of communication.
*Warning* You may get a glimpse of Mia's "Babies Gone Wild" debut at the end


emily and logan said...

oh, i saw a nipple, alright. she is so funny! i love those little grunting noises! and your hair is so cute!! i can't wait to come visit again...

{britt} ♥ said...

I love Miss Mia. I have a present for her!! And I want to see your hair!

Halsey said...

CUTE haircut. I know how much you love short hair! Congrats on that. I also enjoy the baby jungle noises in the video. Did we ever make sounds like that...?

rachel said...

Hey David and Ashley!!! I came across your blog and thought I would say hi. Congrats on baby Mia. She is SO cute! Looks like you guys are doing great and having a lot of fun. I love reconnecting with blogs!
Rachel (Brower)