Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Brave Gal

David, who served his mission in a country saturated with shrines and rituals to daily worship the Virgin Goddess of the New Testament, is often skeptical of any praise for Mary, mother of Christ. He is wary of deifying the wrong end of that maternal relationship. As a woman, however, and a new mom, I have great respect for the overwhelming job she had of bearing and raising the literal Son of God while still a young teen and in the face of a morally rigid society- one where she would likely be shunned, if not killed over her suspicious pregnancy. Yikes.

I love Hollywood's recent adaptation of the Nativity story, despite the whole wisemen- in- the- stable- thing and an angel Gabriel who looks like Prince with a Ring(movie)-like atmosphere each time he appears. The Jewish culture of the time is portrayed so well. The footage in this "music-video" was surely done on a tighter budget and the editing...not done by an expert. If you can see beyond that, it is a sweet insight into what Mary may have felt.

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