Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Island Park Thanksgiving

We took a trip to visit G & G Heinz in Island Park for Thanksgiving. It is a tradition that I often look forward to, but especially now because Mia makes our memories so much more fun! She got loved right up by Great Grandma and seems to sense that she is a version of her mom. We had some yummy twists on our traditional foods and Mia got to taste a few. She is partial to sweet potatoes.Grandma K sneaking an apple slice
Mmmmm...chocolate sheet cake- my favorite gourmet birthday treat
David and I went on some cross-country ski excursions. It was beautiful.
Mia had her first major snow experience. She looks like a real eskimo baby with those cheeks.
In Grandpa Heinz's big chair

We love you Island Park! We will miss you when G & G Heinz move to the big city (Rexburg).

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