Monday, September 21, 2009

Lake Chelan Marathon

This weekend, we ran in the Lake Chelan race along with some of our family. David ran the full marathon. Carrie and Lexi (sisters-in-law) drove up and the down the course to keep us updated on where everyone was. "David's still in first place!" she yelled from her truck while I was trudging along. It wasn't much of a surprise. He's crazy.

I ran the half-marathon. I was so you can see in the reach that finish line upright. I was expecting it to be more difficult than it was (which worked to my advantage), and surprised myself when I reached the end happy and alive. Now I am anxious to get a more competitive time on my next one. Logan, our cousin, got an awesome time & provided some comic relief via his little spandex shorts. His next feat is to break the world record for youngest 100mile race finisher.
Here is much of the R. clan running with John in his last stretch of 26.2 miles. It was a pretty cool thing to watch...David, Mary, Mom R, John, Carrie, and Joe.
We were happy to find Mia at the finish line. Nice shorts, David.
Mia with her Gma R who had just run 26.2 + miles and was still smiling with energy to spare! THIS is where David gets it from.


emily and logan said...

you are so good about updating your blog! i'm so proud of you, ash!! looks like you got a great time for your first half! you've motivated logan and me. we wanna do one now, too! did david come in first??!

David & Ashley said...

you should do one with me and David! There is one in Spokane in the spring that we will try to do annually. There is a good training program on the Runner's World website. David was in 1st until mile 22. He got 4th place. He's mad.