Friday, January 20, 2017

Isms of 2016


Holding back tears, "I just don't want to be a human anymore! I want to be a mermaid.”

“I really want Mary Poppins to come to our house.  How do I get her?”

McKayla (buddy at preschool) can’t come to my party because she has Basketball and Soccerball that day.

June was doing some fancy stuff with the rings just now, and goes, “Whew! i was just busy taking down Dave, the octopus.”

Almost every day…”Mom, feel my forehead.  I think I’m having a ‘favor’ (fever).”

Mom:  June, what do you want to be when you grow up?
June:  A teenager.

Composing a song on the piano's low notes: “Mom, do you like my song?  It’s called, ‘Bad Guys Kill.’”

After putting her dirty pair of socks away, June came downstairs and delivered this monologue:

"So, the socks were racing and they didn’t tie.  They are two brothers and the straight one won but the other brother said, 'Aw, Aw, Aw, Aw, Aw,’ five times. And 
the straight one got a girl horse and some stickers for his prize and he said, 'YES!’”

Out of the blue, like everything else: I love woodpeckers.  I want to be a woodpecker for Halloween!

"Mom, did you know that if you were a people and you have hands but you also have butterfly wings and you fly up to the sun and you touch it, it will burn you?"

Lying straight and rigid on the carpet... "Mom, open your stocking and I am a robot inside of your stocking for Christmas.

Diplomacy from a 4 year old: "mom, I love you, but you just need to know that I don't like doing hard work."

June has developed an imaginary film that she supposedly watched every day in Preschool called, "Scary Pironahs" (Piranhas with a long "o"). Just about every time a new song comes on the radio, she claims, "this song is on Scary Pironahs!”

-June!  What is that sound?  Are you coughing?
-No, its a sound in my throat.  I’m just playing bad, bad kitty.

-June, put all the sewing needles back please.
-They aren't yours. They're the government’s.

After picking her up form preschool: “Sooo…It looks like I like my new class after all.”

The first thing June said when she woke up:  “Mom...when I’m looking at you and you’re looking at me, it makes me want to go on a picnic together.”

Showing me a DVD, “This is a 'deceit.’ At least, that’s what we call it in Spanish.”

While decorating the tree, we were all determining who would do what job.  June announced, “I'll be the one who gives the thumbs up at the end.”

“Mom, if the thing you are grading is beautiful, then click your tongue like this *.  If it’s not beautiful then wink two times.”

“Mom, when I get big I don’t only want one boyfriend.  I want eleven...Or someone could have 32 boyfriends.”
“Look mom!  I’m having a baby, but it’s growing in my cheek.”  (She had a frozen cherry in her mouth)

Amelia, our earnest little thinker, has outgrown this stage for the most part...I'm sad!

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