Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Months: Lots of Pictures

Big Mia.
Hi, Dad!

I bunddled Mia up while doing laundry in the chilly basement. She just sat contented in the pile for so long! It was funny.Mia always has lots of smiles for Gma K.
Ready to go for an evening jog in our hi-tech BOB stroller. We LOVE it!
Another one of those side-ways photos. Mia has such pretty, bright eyes!
Mia LOVES her baths. Here is one of our modest post-bath photos.
Mia is beginning to notice herself in the mirror. This time, she didn't like what she saw.
Ready to go for the day!
Napping while mom takes a break from making dinner. Whew! Being home all day is hard work!


Devanie said...

I can't believe she's 2 months already! You guys look like you are so happy- I'll bet she brings so much love and joy to your lives!

emily and logan said...

you got a BOB?! i'm so jealous!!

i love mia's hair!

David & Ashley said...

The BOB was our major investment. We use it everyday, so it has been worth it! We got the "off-road" version so it can handle our mile of gravel road.

"L" said...

You are such a radiant mother! Your little sweetheart is gorgeous! I hope you two are getting sleep :)

emily and logan said...

i love that little knit beanie, too. did you make that?! if you did, i will be commissioning you to make River one, too.