Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom

My mom...

  1. always has her toenails perfectly painted red (and has never paid for a pedicure)
  2. finds downhill skiing exhilarating
  3. maintains a flawless coif 16 hours of the day
  4. made me paper-bag lunches every day until I was 17
  5. wakes up before dawn to go running
  6. has had some really hard things
  7. has had some really hard things that would debilitate most people
  8. keeps going despite those hard things
  9. like Eliza Doolittle, belongs in a garden
  10. was caught singing a lullaby to my rabbit when I was 11 despite her former claim to not like animals
  11. wants a dog, but talks herself out of it each time she hears about Izzy & Winston's daily ventures
  12. was born and raised on a tropical island
  13. willingly chose to move to southern Idaho from that tropical island
  14. has had four c-sections
  15. has really nice legs... legs that 18 year-olds might envy
  16. has sewn 75% of my church clothes throughout my entire life
  17. has sewn 75% of the window treatments, comforters, table linens, decorative pillows, etc. for her house
  18. has children who crave her cooking
  19. is always the favorite employee wherever she works
  20. has a brother whose childhood torments toward his five sisters makes for funny stories
  21. gets down to business
  22. spends all of her vacation time camping
  23. is the most organized camper you'll ever meet
  24. has a son who swears she has her own personal hole in the ozone layer because of her extensive stash of aerosol hairspray
  25. can be really shy
  26. used to ask me "would you like me to break her nose?" when I have reported mean girl situations
  27. never gossips (even when I want her to)
  28. has a serious weakness for cookies
  29. is one tough cookie
  30. throughout my childhood, always thought trampolines were too dangerous to own
  31. when I was just about to leave for college, she changed her mind about trampolines
  32. can identify nearly any plant (domestic or not) in a most non-chalant manner
  33. chops and hauls her own firewood each year
  34. has instilled musical talent into each of her kids through years of lessons and "reminding"(and is still at it)
  35. makes desserts to-die-for
  36. is faithful to Clinque
  37. is way overqualified for every job she has had in the last ten years
  38. thinks the scent of plumeria blossoms is heaven
  39. has to be outside for a big chunk of time in order to have a successful weekend
  40. adores her granddaughter and isn't afraid to show it
  41. 's pillow smells like Nexxus Humectress, as does her mom's
  42. is really smart even though she doesn't think so
  43. passed her frequent need for a nice bath to her oldest child
  44. forgave me for losing some of her most sentimental jewelry and lots of other things
  45. is a really good primary teacher
  46. believes that if one is going to do something, one should do it right
  47. is loved and appreciated more than she knows

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emily and logan said...

that is so cute. i learned a lot! :)