Monday, June 14, 2010

Bon Anniversaire, Mia!

Mia's birthday throne:

Our healthy, garden variety cupcakes- peas & carrots on a bed of rich compost:

We decided to open presents intermittently throughout the day in order to get the optimum reaction each time (we don't believe in wrapping paper, by the way):
This is, by far, Mia's birthday product of choice. She can really zoom with it!
Waiting for the real festivities to begin:
Mom was anxious to get the party started before the peas and carrots melted on the cupcakes. We sang a quick happy birthday before all of our guests had arrived (Dad is still learning how to use the video camera without making the audience nauseous):
Our other, more furry, daughter received her share of attention from Gpa R at the party. Look at that smile!
Mia's post cupcake grin heralds a slight resemblance to Izzy's. You can see her cute under bite here in all its glory!
By the end of the day, she was full and content. I just hope her taste-buds aren't spoiled after all that chocolate!


Joel Deehr said...

Looks like ya'll are having a blast in Spokane. Wish you the best of luck raising a family.

emily and logan said...

you did such a great job on those cupcakes!! hope you guys come to visit us in St. G this winter!