Saturday, September 24, 2011

County Fair, 2011 Edition

We do this with the R family every fall.
Although we always go for the food (I had the best gyro of my life this year) and glean our entertainment from the people watching scene, having these guys was entertainment enough!

This cow-ropin', Harley-ridin', all-American grandpa is his granddaughter's favorite friend. She is most content right by his side. Here is Grandpa R taking his best pals to the horse stables:

  Mom loved this sweet and very friendly goat (aren't they all!) even though he isn't a Nubian. I dream about Nubians and their floppy ears.
Encouraging the goat love:
Best part of this particular fair experience... putting our babies on the super over-priced and sketchy rides.
The evolution of Mia's riding confidence is so funny here.  Watch as her expression changes with each round (if you can tell with the crummy video quality):

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Halsey said...

I had no idea you were a goat-lover! Little Mia is SO adorable. So much personality comes through in the pictures. You should come to SLC for a roomie reunion and bring her so I can meet her and our kids can play.