Friday, April 5, 2013

June's Top 10


This rocking horse, which had originally been mine as a toddler, has seen some good use.  It is part of June's wake-up routine: 
1. eject pacifier from mouth to crib
2. press "power off" button for radio white noise
3. ride horse (by this step, Mia has usually joined us as to not miss out on any action)
The horse riding requires constant parental vigilance because of its long-expired safety features, 
and thus produces several photos.  Here are two:

Mom was irreverent during this prayer...she couldn't resist these chubby folded arms!  

Blueberry Smoothie 'staches:

For June, swinging is still just as thrilling as if it were her first go...  

...but she is still apprehensive about other playground activities.

There are lots of fun to be had in a laundry basket.

I so look forward to seeing this sweet face every morning!

For the last couple months, June has been in the object-toting stage. I am always amused by the array of items that seem worthy of transportation and, particularly, how pleased she is with her treasures. 
Here, we have a pairing of Dad's stethoscope & a sock of mom's preceding a single-slippered June with a plastic car and empty vinegar bottle.


June is really good at feigning awe over photo, card, or drawing.  She is a most gracious critic!

June has a recent fascination with the toilet and, with encouragement from big sis, frequently dubs it the rightful resting place of many a toy.  
Luckily, we haven't had any tragic disappearances as of yet (watches, phones, etc.).

Each of our family performs a unique nuance while affirming the tastiness of food.  Mia grunts, Mom does a little dance, Dad doesn't breathe so as to consume in the most efficient manner, and June vigorously nods her head in approval:

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t.t.turner said...

I love your blog so much, Ashley. Those two are so, so adorable, and you are obviously such a fun mom! We need to have a little Northwest meet-up someday.