Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aventuras del 4 de Julio

We thoroughly enjoyed our annual Priest Lake camping trip last weekend- especially because Mia can now be an active participant (as opposed to her last year's blob status).

David tried out and coveted his brother's new-found sport: mountain boarding.

Mia giggled a lot with Gma R-

She did some official hiking of her own.

Paradise (literally):

Communing with Gpa R

Look closely...Do you see what I see? Yikes!

Mia is not shy about her boat-ride enthusiasm. Next time, we are going to try the tube.
Each year, David has to get his fix of neuron-zapping 33 degree water:


Joes said...

Mia is getting so big! I miss you guys. You are awesome.

Halsey said...

I love your hair, Ash. You're so beautiful.