Thursday, July 1, 2010

Seattle Excursions

While cheering for Mom R & Uncle Joe at the Rock n' Roll Marathon in Seattle, we made a few stops including an IKEA spree (I'm pretty sure I had a nightmare that night about being trapped in the block-wide compound), lunch at Paseo (Cuban sandwiches TO-DIE-FOR), and the zoo. This part was a big hit for Mia- especially when she got to be up close and personal:

She took a liking to this particular goat. She wouldn't pet any others.

Mia fed the birds with dad. This is probably the same bird that pooped in my hair.

This gorilla seemed to be sending a message. Every few moments, it (she?) would peek to make sure we were getting it.
Swinging is Mia's new thrill. To her, something about each approach toward the pusher is just too funny handle.
With her new sippy cup skills, Mia can throw a few back wherever she likes.
Does Mia look like a grown-up in this picture, or what? All these changes are so bittersweet!


summer Findley said...

that gorilla is hilarious.

Halsey said...

OH, little Mia is turning into a little girl! I hear you on the bittersweet. How it's possible to wish they wouldn't grow and wish they would all at once is beyond me.