Saturday, August 14, 2010

Southern Idaho Nostalgia

Although some may feel that a vacation to southern Idaho is less than ideal, it has always been my favorite! It is filled with sweet memories and family. Here is some visual evidence of last week's fun:

This is at my grandparents' farm. It was built by my great-great grandfather, Jacob Heinz, who immigrated from Germany. My great-grandfather and grandfather Heinz were also born here and it is filled with memories of my great gma Berniece Amelia Steiner Heinz. It is humble (One's toilette can also double for a good dose of daily exersice since the toilet, which was not included until the 60's, has to be straddled when using the sink or mirror) but so charming.

Here are Mia and cousin Eli at a most unexpected sandwich shop in Menan. If you are in southern Idaho, go to Watson's for the tastiest lunch around!

We took lots of breaks at any park we could find to alleviate Mia's car confinement. This is not the most flattering bum shot, but I liked being able to see my whole family on a teeter-totter.
We were able to visit my father's grave in Rexburg. It was endearing to have Mia there.
Here are Dad and Mia in the Civil Defense caves. I had always gone with a big group and bounteous flashlights. This time, it was a lot darker and scarier with just the three of us, a headlamp, and Mia's glow-in-the-dark bracelet.
To contrast the chilly cave, we put our toes in the sand dunes next door. Mia was fascinated with her disappearing feet.
Great Gpa and Mia needed to get reacquainted after a six month hiatus.
This Elk farm, just south of the "R" butte is filled with a bunch of boys donning some impressive racks. It was a most unnatural sight.
Aunt Amy acted as this little artist's patron. She provided lots of coloring supplies!
One of our days, we left Mia with Gma and biked to Big Springs- the quaint source of many an Idaho lake and home to freakishly large fish.
Princess Mia enjoying Yellowstone's steam in her modernized litter:
Dad was able to declare satisfaction with our Yellowstone trip as soon as he spotted this black bear digging for termites.
Mia did some bear schmoozing of her own at the Tower Falls gift shop. Her attentions to this stuffed animal drew a circle of on-lookers.
Mia loved playing with the big girls at our Harmon family reunion.
While everyone else was enjoying my Samoan Aunt Vernetta's luau, Mia got into the tropical festivities by rescuing this deflated flamingo from some forgotten corner of the yard. It, a smooshed potato roll, and this lovely make-shift bib adorned her person for much of the evening.
We were sad to leave!


emily and logan said...

i love these pics! and i totally disagree- your bum looks HOT!

ashley said...

looks like you had a blast! wish you woulda called i would have loved to see you! maybe next time

The Denney's said...

Looks so much fun!! Next time you take a trip over there, I'd LOVE to see you and meet your cute little Mia!

Halsey said...

I love the bear schmoozing. Of course she drew attention; she is A-dorable!

And it looks like if you ever make it back here you will have to decidate at least three days to friends instead of family :)