Monday, August 2, 2010

White River 50 Miler!

This last weekend, David raced a measly 50 miles with his brother, John, in the foot"hills" of Mt. Rainier. The landscape was stunning.
Mile 16.9...You better wipe that smile off your face. You have a marathon plus 7 miles left.
Half-way point:
Because this race was the National Championships, the celebrities of trail running were participants. David even got to exchange a few (like 5) words with his running idol- Scott Jurek:
Mia and I were his support crew (the official name for the cheerleaders at these types of races). We camped just a few miles from the finish line.
Early in the morning, we had a tent escapee:
I guess being outside had an effect on her appetite. She kept hoarding food in her cheeks!
Goodbye, Mt. Rainier! See you in a month when Dad runs his 100!


emily and logan said...

wow, that is amazing. 50 miles! i should get Logan to train for something like that! do they just go and go and go or do they rest at all?

Joel Deehr said...

Thats a long run. Way to go Dave.

R said...

They run the entire time- anywhere from 7-12 hours. They do have lots of aid stations with snacks along the way for fuel just like a normal race.