Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1 & 1/2

At this point, I suppose there is no turning back. Mia is officially a toddler. Here are some of her 18 month activities:

snow excitement
modeling practice for National Geographic
pre-"hair time" bathtub relaxation
...and other semi-nude activities
This is a common scenario.
My pre-teen sister has an unconditionally devoted fan and couldn't care less.
A DEtached car seat carries an entirely different connotation.
While evaluating our new accommodations (Gma K's house),
Mia needed to test the sofa's bounce potential.
An Up Close & Personal Itsy, Bitsy Spider
Here is a little taste of Mia's communication abilities & subtle rhythms:

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emily and logan said...

i can see you've been teaching her your dance moves, ash. she is SO cute. that hair kills me!