Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Season, Part One

We began our series of traditions this year with Gingerbread Houses. Gma K made sure that David and I each had our own since we tend to conflict on exterior style and building methods.

Here are the results: David's is the gingerbread hut, complete with a festive, sandy beach.
egg nog 'stache and other evidence
Mia helped me put out Gma K's nativity set. Like she is doing in this photo, Mia felt inclined to kiss each of its members.
Here is our little dresser-top-we-are-in-the-middle-of-a-move tree. I still like it.
Because our tree is out of reach,
Mia gets to focus all of her ornament destruction energy on Gma's.
Here is a blurry picture(cold hands don't make for good photography)
from the Christmas light lake cruise we go on every year.
It miraculously transports us from dockside to the North Pole (just behind us)
within about 23 minutes.
And here is our iconic photo with the mall Santa.
I actually appreciate Mia's apprehension to sit on an unfamiliar, hairy man's lap.


emily and logan said...

every other picture i've seen of 18 month olds with santa is just like this! River will be visiting Santa tomorrow night- can't wait! haha!

Marichechu said...

i've arrived to your blog by chance!
I love your girl!! She is so pretty!
I have 2 boys, and they´ve ever cried with Santa and i know this is bad,because he is a man,he is a strange who talks to them and he gave them candies...all the things I always say that is forbiden.
;) it's so ironic!!
Happy New Year!

sorry for my English!

( anyway you wrote Este niña es mia...the right way to say that is "Esta niña es mia")