Wednesday, March 30, 2011


"C" is for Chewy Coconut-Chocolate Cake: a good birthday cake for my good mom. It was so tasty, even with a post-Texas Roadhouse belly.
The chewiness comes from oatmeal, and the coconut comes from the coconut milk the oatmeal is soaked in. The chocolate comes from the special dark cocoa powder, and the rest of the goodness comes from a stick and a half of butter and real vanilla with some fancy liquor from Mexico.

The original recipe is at Hillbilly Housewife. Substitute 1 cup of water with 1 cup of coconut milk (I used the light kind). For the frosting, I just made a regular butter cream chocolate frosting, but used a generous amount of coconut milk for the liquid (I wanted it to be runny enough to drizzle).

Mia has a well-practiced "more chocolate please," then, to emphasize her sincerity, she does a little dance while I sing "chocolate is a girl's best friend."

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Katie said...

Wow! That looks scrumptious!