Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dr. Ghee-reg

Last week, we were so privileged to attend one of Greg Mortenson's lectures. As one would expect, it was incredible. My sister, who joined us, commented that he is not the most stellar speaker- it is true, he did not schmooze the audience. His content, however, was inspiring and informative. We were elated as we left. He was just the way we envisioned ordinary, matter-of-fact guy with an extraordinary heart and drive.
David and I both reveled in Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools, as does everyone who reads them. His overarching theme is to create peace by empowering through education. His particular focus is on educating girls (a wholly un-Talibani effort) because he adheres to the belief that women have great influence. It is a familiar principle, and one that we often hear about every Sunday in Relief Society.
Since not all of us can spend 80% of our lives jaunting through the Himalayas to distribute our resources, what does Mr. Mortenson suggest we do in our own corner of the world?

1. Spend time asking questions and listening to the wisest people in our lives...our elders. They know stuff. Our culture is lacking in sincere interest for our history, the rich lessons we can learn from the past, and those who have witnessed these things first-hand.

2. Hold education in high-esteem and express gratitude for the easy access we have to it by taking advantage of it!

3. Sesame Street answer: accept and appreciate differences in each other. Fight to dissolve barriers and ignorance.

4. Invest these principles into rising generations!

5. Check out these organizations:

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Katie said...

That's so awesome that you heard him speak! His efforts are amazing!