Monday, June 13, 2011

Measurement Shift: The End of Babyhood

Mia is now officially two and she has now officially developed all of the sass that goes along with the title.
Her 24th month has been full of activity. She spends much of her time adventuring around:
Mia is often on the lookout for Grandpa R, and anxious to assist his endeavors.

Since both David and I are pianists (Well, he is. I just play the piano.), and I know that she may feel piano playing pressure, I have pre-determined to show only a marginal amount of enthusiasm over her interest in this instrument.
I am certain that any toddler would spend lots of time banging on anything that makes loud sounds. But she uses individual fingers on individual keys already, and even keeps a steady rhythm amid acoustic chaos. That means something, right?
Mia has had a jaw-full of summertime fist food:
She has also learned to spot signs of a playground from blocks away. A fit is subsequently thrown whether we are approaching the "PUHK" with the intention to play, or just driving by toward another destination. I am certain that she would give herself whiplash with all her body flinging were it not for the restraint of her car seat.
We have been working on leg "pumping." She will chant in time with me "straight...bend...straight...bend..., "
but she has yet to alter the angle of her knees.
For a weekly treat, we drive out to the site of our future home and explore.
It is always, without fail, a lovely scene.
We are so grateful for a beautiful world to share with our beautiful girl!

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