Saturday, June 25, 2011

1st Annual "Dirty Bird" Challenge

Since we are often the cheer squad and support group for the boys in our family, the girls chose this weekend to switch roles for a change.  The oldest of the R brothers mapped and marked our National Forest trail (and was particularly determined that we felt "challenged" the entire course with our massive elevation gain, which was consequently dubbed "The Purge," and photo requirement atop a sketchily supported fire tower with 100+ mile views, 5 forded streams, etc.), while the other R brothers kept us fueled at aid stations an supervised our baby adventurers.     

Dad, Mia, & Talan, pausing from a little game of "rock-water":

 Here is our first stream crossing...we decided to go shoe-less on this one. 
It took a while to feel our feet again.

It was easy to smile for this photo, because the aid station was finally in sight!

Mom R & Mary: 

Our sweet aid station set-up:

Carrie at the top!

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Jenalee said...

You guys are so active and fun. This looks amazing!