Monday, July 11, 2011

Heinz Reunion & All the Sides

We just returned from our Heinz family reunion...the first time so many of us have been together in the last five years.  In addition to the treat seeing our ever expanding family, we had lots of fun activities! 

A group of us ran the Sawtelle Stampede... 

                                                   ...David won second place in the 1/2 marathon 
   portion and received the promised bag of gold coins.  
I was wholly expecting foil wrapped chocolate, 
Mia's first canoe ride:                                         but had a pleasant surprise when I felt the weight of the bag!
The Mesa Falls Hikers 

David's usual cold water entry-of-choice:

Mia's energy was all expended on the "BIG BOAT"
ride anticipation, so most of the actual ride was spent
like this:                                                                             My 13 yo. sister, Arianna, has not completely      
                                                                                             turned to the dark side of teenagedom yet.  I was grateful to catch her jumping into the water with her nose plugged.

Mia follows suit and rarely concerns herself with the consequeces of free-falling 
off a rocky precipice (relatively).
 Luckily, for the photo, at least, Dad was right there to catch her!

This family is good at producing (and acquiring) girls. In keeping with the first D. Heinz generation, we have 83% female great-grandchildren.

My sis, demonstrating
her pogo-fiddling talent
I insisted that we have a slide-show of family photos, and I am ever-so-glad that I did.  
It was a most valuable opportunity for his progenitors to learn important principles from & convictions of our respected grandpa.  He knows stuff.

We made a quick trip to visit my Harmon grandparents while we
were close-by.  Mia was able to participate in her favorite back-yard
activity with her great-gma gardener:                                                                   Souvenirs consisted of Aunt
                                                                                                 Jacque's fancy oatmeal & olive oil soap,
                                                                                                    complete with demonstration & instruction:

Mia acted as commentator to each firework, 
in case we didn't recognize the color.                        We got to attend a real small-towney 4th of July parade.           By the time Mia warmed up to the floats and flying candy, it was over. 

Enjoying Gma Harmon's peonies:
Mia seems to sense that her great grandpas deserve their title.
She's on to something.

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Halsey said...

Okay; now it's my turn to be sad.

However, now that we are moving to SLC, you definitely ought to take a trip. Three of us will be in the valley now! It's time for a roomie reunion.

I love the peony picture.