Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fanaticism, Part Two

This isn't the first time, but it is likely the last.  In honor of the Deathly Hallows finale release, 
we mournfully memorialized with a terminal stint of British pot-roast, 
Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans contest, a Potions class, etc.

We tried to make light of Dad's scary red Weasley wig by turning it into a fun hat for Mia.
Our scheme only worked while she wore it.
As soon as it was transferred to Dad's head, the wig, and Dad, became strangers.

 Here is bad-A Bill Weasley, complete with dragon claw bling (on right ear), and battle wound.
...throwin' back a pre-dinner shot of fire-whiskey while being sorted.

Being Professor McGonagall was not as fun as last year's character...
perhaps the graying hair, wrinkles, & crabbiness felt too prophetic. 
Our cute & faithful house elves

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Halsey said...

This looks so fun! In a very nerdy way. Wish we lived closer so we could participate!