Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mia's Top 10

Maple Leaf Rag:
Showing her sweet Great-Gma R how to get her groove on.  We all could use a few tips from Mia.  
She knows how to dance and can effortlessly move in ways that I can't even dream up
It is obviously an inherent gift.

Some more dancing-  a variation on tap:

Whipping up some "Reduced Guilt" brownies from TJ's:  
Mia is a fabulous kitchen helper.

She is rather possessive of her grandpa.  
When cousins get within a certain proximity,  Mia gets ready to stake out territory.

On the very day she was scheduled for her flu shot,  Mia woke up with a fever, wouldn't eat, and just wanted to be still-- an oddity because she has an immune system of steel, can always eat, is ON the move at all times, but most of all, because the illness lasted for approximately 4 hours.  The moment Dad walked in the door from work, Mia shed her resting apparatus and was ready for dinner.  
It was strange.  What type of illness does this?  
And I have to admit-as crummy as it feels to watch one's baby suffer through sickness, 
I was in raptures over her snuggliness. 

Mia likes her Dad.

Dancing again:

Mia gets so much hair time of her own that she is quick to dish it out.  
She usually implores, very sweetly, "Mommy, I will fix you, okaaay?" 

Izzy spends most of her time lately as a surprisingly tolerant body pillow.

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