Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giving of Thanks, 2011

We all know that to express gratitude for the relationships 
& cushy blessings we have is usually a giant understatement, 
so I will let it just continue to be obvious that I have the BEST family in the world and I'm glad.  
I like where I live, what I know, what I have, what I've learned, it's nice to be healthy.  
Really, I'm grateful for these things every day, so is it okay that on Thanksgiving, although I revel in the former, for me it's all about...

...the food?
I collect recipes weeks in advance and dream about them all the while feeling especially grateful for access to a huge variety of relatively inexpensive ingredients.

Here is our traditional spread at Gma K's-  the 1/3 times a year the china & silver are put to work 
(do people still put these things on their wedding registries?  
It is a treat to eat off of fancy dinnerware, but incredibly useless the rest of the time):

 Variation on sides this year (in addition to the usual...):

Curried Brussels Sprouts       Coriander Cauliflower                 Sweet Potatoes in a Buttery-Lime Syrup

This is my favorite cranberry relish (with green apple and orange). 
We have it every year, but I never get sick of looking at it:

The regular pies were around, but my mom makes the best trifle and it tops them all!
(She always does everything from scratch, including the butterscotch pudding 
which I am certain would include a dollop of scrambled eggs if I made it myself)-
This one:  Gingerbread & Pumpkin Creme!

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