Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One (type of) Graduation Down...A Lot More to Go

Last night was David's graduation from Fire Academy, something he's been doing in a volunteer capacity during all his spare time lately.  He loves it, so it has been worth the sacrifice of having him away and super busy to see how excited he gets about this stuff (And how could he not?  Cutting apart cars with really powerful tools, playing with fire, squirting stuff with giant hoses, oh...and saving people's lives...  it's like a bunch of little boys on steroids). 

Dad got to show off his engine to Mia.  She was pretty excited about an up-close-and-personal fire truck!   

Here is the big solemn fire-fighting oath-taking moment:

...and here is further evidence of my "little boy in grown-up body" theory:

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Katie said...

Congrats! That is pretty spectacular!