Saturday, November 5, 2011

D.J.H.'s 80th

This guy had a birthday last weekend.

His birthday is worth celebrating because in addition to all the big stuff he's done as air force veteran, PhD earner, Stanford graduate, world-renowned plant geneticist, etc., etc., 
and the big service he's rendered as bishop, stake president, area authority, missionary, etc., etc., 
he also happens to be my grandpa.

Since it was a mile-marker, a party was planned unbeknownst to him 
and he didn't get to have a say toward the invites...

So, the whole family was in on it which made preparations really fun--  I never thought I'd stay in a hotel while visiting Rexburg with all the connections we have there, but because of the nature of the trip, Mia had access to a pool and a lot of live entertainment.  Here she is taking a lap with Gma K:

With favorite Heinz cousin, Eli, while grown ups are party prepping...

...and trying desperately to attract Eli's skinny chicken with a handful of corn. 

Here is our fall spread with Gpa's favorite cupcakes- applesauce with caramel and carrot with cream cheese-for the open house.  Many of the grandkids had a part in table laying which made for a fun time.

It took some sneaking around to keep the whole event (and the entire family's presence!) a secret from Grandpa.  Gma was of course in on it and turned out to be a world-class fibber!  
He didn't suspect a thing which made for a fabulous reaction when a  happy-birthday-singing entourage swarmed him in the church parking lot.

The party made for an ideal Halloween costume venue.  Here is Mia's oh-so-exciting get-up.  I needed to make something quick & easy  that could travel and she would keep in place, so her options were limited to something with ears.  She chose a mouse, and had a great time practicing her squeek in the mirror!

We were lucky enough to get two for the price of one during our super short Idaho jaunt!
 My sweet Gma & Gpa Harmon made an appearance at the open house to check on us and I am SO glad!

The trip was a success and I am so grateful that I get to claim D. J. Heinz as mine!  
Happy, happy 80th Birthday!

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Halsey said...

Oh, Love! I love the pic of DJH in his leather jacket. What handsome ancestors you have! And the surprised face is priceless. I have been really feeling grateful lately for all of my living grandparents. What treasures they are!