Monday, January 16, 2012

Mia's Top 10

 I try to bask in the rare still and lady-like moments we catch of Mia... 
 ...because this chickadee is a mover and a shaker in every sense 
(we to appreciate the moving and shaking too)!

Here she is moving and shaking on the make-shift bungee swing 
Dad made her out of Gma's exercise bands:

Dad is also proud that his girl is NOT a fair-weather athlete.  
Mia would take her daily cruise in our sub-freezing whether with nothing more than her birthday suit 
if mom didn't always cramp her style.

Moving and shaking while trying to be helpful:

Some more moving...

Some more shaking (or "shimmying," to be exact)...

...and a little something more to go with that shake!

Lately, Mia finds it comical to escape and hide when I'm not looking. She knows that one of my pet peeves is  retrieving her from the glories of Gma's kitchen just beyond the door at the top of the stairs back to our basement abode.  Thus, when Mia decides that the ennui of Mom's routine needs to be spiced up a bit, she will make a break for it! Today she must have noticed her tactics becoming stale because when I went to steal her from the usual pre-freedom perch (see the photo below), 
I found her, instead, crouched sneakily behind the dryer in our laundry room. 

Casually putting Beyonce to shame...

My favorite milestone this month:
mastering the toilet.  Hooray!


Katie said...

What a cutie!

emily and logan said...

okay, we love that song/video, and I also can't get enough of Mia's dancing. her innate sense of booty shakin' is amazing!

Halsey said...

Oh how jealous we are of the potty mastery. Some day! And she is definitely a mover and a shaker, haha!